5-Point Product Quality System

Best Practices Healthcare Laundry Services Standards

 Your Healthcare Laundry Quality SystemImproving patients' impressions of your healthcare system or facility through quality care is reinforced when you provide them with the most comfortable, quality sanitized medical linens and gowns.

With ImageFIRST's 5-Point Product Quality System, you never have to worry about the condition of your products. We provide you with five different ways of assuring your inventory is equipped with the highest quality products, cleaned and packaged to perfection while preventing infection.

The ImageFIRST 5-Point Product Quality System Includes:

  1. Premium Products
    We offer the softest, most comfortable fabrics for your medical linens, robes, lab coats and gowns.
  2. Highest Sanitizing Standards
    Our product cleaning and sanitizing methods go beyond general best practices to protect your patients.
  3. Bright White Standard
    Every healthcare linen item we return to you is the crisp, bright white your patients want to see.
  4. Individually Packaged Gowns
    Gowns are hand-inspected and individually sealed so patients know their gowns are fresh and clean.
  5. Independent Laboratory Testing
    We hire independent companies to conduct lab testing to ensure our cleaning processes comply with and exceed government standards.

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Quality patient care is your passion. Patient satisfaction is your goal. ImageFIRST is your healthcare laundry service partner for superior quality control measures to give your patients the best products that are soft and safe.

Step Up Your Standards