Healthcare Bed Linens

As healthcare continues to morph to a more consumer-centric approach, medical providers must consider how to redefine the experience and services they provide their patients.

But sometimes, the smallest things have the largest impact.

Consider this: your patients spend enough time on their bed to notice a stain or stiff sheets and blankets. What if their fitted sheets were a different shade of white than their pillow? Or their blanket not warm enough?  While these are small details, patients may already be stressed without having their attention drawn to what may be perceived as unclear linen. And fair or not, that perception may prime them before the doctor even comes in.

Our healthcare bed linens are soft, warm and cleaned beyond sanitation standards, giving your patients a sense of tranquility during their time at your facility. All of our deliveries of flat and fitted bed sheets are plastic wrapped and sealed for increased infection prevention, helping to assure you that your products are just as clean when you receive them as they were when they left our facility.

Medical Linen Services

Not Just Hygienically Clean

“Hygienically clean” is a phrase that gets used a lot in the medical laundry industry. The problem is there is no universal definition for it. That’s just one reason our services go beyond hygienically clean to ensure that our medical laundry is sanitized. Sanitized, as defined by the EPA, means a 99.9% reduction in bacteria. But we didn’t stop there: our Triple BioShield Protection® process actually offers a 99.999% reduction! This way, you know that your patients’ health – and your reputation – are protected.

For healthcare linen solutions and laundry services including flat and fitted bed sheets, blankets, towels and more designed for the medical industry, contact us today.

Along with healthcare bed sheets (both flat and fitted) and blankets, ImageFIRST also offers many other laundry services including healthcare gowns, medical scrub uniforms, cubicle curtains services, and much more.

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Find out about our Bright White Standards.

  • Healthcare Pillowcases
    Our soft, durable pillow cases are made from the same superior yarn quality as our sheets. Material: Cotton/Polyester blend for durability and softness. Color: White.
  • Healthcare Thermal Blankets
    Our innovative weaved thermal blankets have a tight twill weave to minimize snagging and maximize warmth. Material: 100% Cotton. Colors: White, Bone.
  • Healthcare Underpads
    Absorbent twill pads with impermeable vinyl-knit backing will provide softness while protecting against accidents and spills. Material: Cotton/Poly Blend. Color: White.
  • Flat, Fitted, Draw & Drape Sheets
    Our flat, fitted, draw and drape sheets are constructed with superior yarns to be soft yet durable. Material: Cotton/Poly Blend. Color: OR/Drape Sheets - Blue, All Other Sheets - White.
  • Healthcare Blanket
    This enveloping bath blanket is made from superior yarns and napped on both sides for a soft flannel surface feel. Material: 100% Cotton. Color: White
  • Heathcare Towels
    Choose from our selection of terry bath towesl, hand towels, and washcloths, all of which provide excellent absorbency, softness and performance. Material: 100% Cotton. Color: White.
  • Gurney Sheets
    Durable fitted gurney sheets combine comfort and practicality to cover your gurneys. Material: Cotton/Poly Blend. Color: Green.