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Patient Experience Enhancement ProductsComfort is essential for your patients to have a reassuring environment and thus an exceptional care experience. Quality patient gowns that are soft, thick, offer full coverage and are free of permanent stains or rips. Bed and bath linen that are always that same crisp white. Scrubs and other apparel that are comfortable and in the best shape possible so the staff can deliver care without distraction.

All these details provide the comfort patients need to ensure the most positive impression – and what better way for you to secure a repeat customer or referral!

That’s why we prioritize comfort FIRST with top-grade products and quality assurance processes including hand inspections so you only get the linen that’s in the best appearance. We continually innovate and evolve our products with quality and patient comfort in mind. Our Comfort Care® product line is one example of innovation that keeps your patients comfortable while setting your healthcare facility apart from the rest.

The Plush Promise

Switching to our Comfort Care line of gowns will improve your patients’ perception of your facility by at least 50% compared to your previous medical gowns. If it doesn’t, we will give you one free month of service!


Quality Products for Greater Patient Comfort

With ImageFIRST’s quality and premium product lines, your patients are treated to comfortable and cozy linen that create a positive impression, show you care about their well-being and increase patient satisfaction.

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