Medical Linen Inventory Management

Streamlining The Process With ImageFIRST

Medical facilities often don’t realize the ripple effect of mismanaged inventory. At ImageFIRST, we always give our clients the same advice: Without an efficient medical linen inventory process in place, your laundry services are at risk of spiraling out of control. From unnecessary costs to a shortage of scrubs or lab coats or a surplus of oversized gowns, disorganized laundry services are a threat to your practice.

Here’s where many practices make their mistake: They let it go on. They assume that it’s quicker and easier to maintain the status quo than to take the time to evaluate their inventory management process. ImageFIRST understands that linen inventory may not be your top priority, but it is ours – and we refuse to let medical practices sink under the weight of mismanaged inventory.

Click on the links below to learn more about how ImageFIRST provides you with remarkable inventory management services that help your facility run more smoothly:

5-Point Product Quality System
One of the main components of medical linen inventory management is quality assurance. This is why ImageFIRST employs a five-step process to ensure that your inventory is equipped with the highest quality products that have been cleaned and packaged to perfection.

Same-Day Linen Rescue
Does your facility ever run out of linens? Occasional unexpected needs may arise, but a consistently insufficient linen supply is often emblematic of a weak internal inventory system. That’s why ImageFIRST always keeps your shelves adequately stocked with inventory. However, if that unexpected need arises and a shortage occurs, our Customer Advocates are just a phone call away with additional supplies.

Instant Service App
It’s a standard philosophy within the healthcare industry: Expect the unexpected. ImageFIRST realizes that sometimes, no matter how well managed your medical linen inventory is, incidents arise that require immediate attention. ImageFIRST’s Instant Service Application enables you to contact a Customer Advocate on your smartphone instantly for help with any pressing medical linen issues you face.