Surgical Gowns & Towels

With ImageFIRST's line of surgical gowns and towels, you're assured the highest quality garments and linens that provide you with the protection you need. You’ll never get a bundle of sheets or a stack of scrubs tied with twine from ImageFIRST.

All of our products are wrapped and sealed for delivery so you know your products are as clean when they get to you as they were when they left our facility.

Click on the thumbnail below to see our surgical gear products up close.

  • Surgical Gown
    With a fabric front panel, cuffed sleeves and tape ties, these fluid-resistant polyester barrier gowns offer the protection you require. Material: Polyester.Gender: Unisex. Sizes: L, XL. Color: Blue.
  • Isolation Gown
    Lightweight and breathable, this isolation gown features white poly-knit cuffs and a straight back. Material: Polyester. Gender: Unisex. Sizes: L, XL. Color: Yellow.
  • Surgical Towels
    These absorbent surgical towels are vat-dyed and lint-free with a tight weave that meets FDA guidelines for use in surgery. Material: 100% Cotton. Color: Green, White.

Not Just Hygienically Clean

“Hygienically clean” is a phrase that gets used a lot in the medical laundry industry. The problem is there is no universal definition for it. That’s just one reason we go beyond hygienically clean to ensure that our laundry is sanitized. Sanitized, as defined by the EPA, means a 99.9% reduction in bacteria. But we didn’t stop there: our Triple BioShield Protection® process actually offers a 99.999% reduction! This way, you know that your patients’ health – and your reputation – are protected.