What Clients and Patients Have To Say

Check out what our clients and their patients nationwide have to say about the remarkable quality of our medical linen rental and laundry programs.

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“I just like to say a big thank you for the stellar service we have received from ImageFIRST since implementing the ScrubVAULT System. You guys got it done on time and on budget. We worked together and you functioned as though you were part of our team, working with us to overcome challenges, whatever they were. I recommend ImageFIRST without any hesitation.”

Peter C., Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center, Purchase, NY

“It’s a very scary experience for a 32 year old to have a lump in her breast and your plush Comfort Care robe helped comfort me. I did not expect it to be soft and it was! It made a horrible situation I was experiencing a little better. The healthcare facility was clearly professional and trustworthy.”

Patient Cara R., Parkland, FL

“I am a breast cancer survivor and through all of the doctor visits, chemo and 31 radiation treatments and surgery, the gowns were sometimes too small to cover me and were not very comfortable. But then I got your pink Comfort Care gown. It was plenty big enough, even for a plus size gal like myself and it was so soft and comforting. The gown made it a more pleasurable experience for sure!”

Patient Sue M., Waxham, NC

“Today I had to go for a diagnostic mammogram. I was a little stressed about the visit. However, today when I went and they asked me to put on the pink Comfort Care gown, it changed my experience. I know that sounds crazy but it honestly did. When I put the gown on, it made me temporarily forget how stressed I was. It was so soft that I was truly in awe at how comfortable it was. I expressed to the lady who did my mammogram how awesome the gown felt. She said that they had not had the gowns that long but that many people had expressed how much they enjoyed the feel of these gowns. As a matter of fact, as I was waiting in my nice pink gown to go for the ultrasound, I heard another lady going on and on about how nice and comfortable her gown was as well. She was still talking about it when they closed the door to do her mammogram. I just wanted to let you know that I think your company is putting out an awesome product. Obviously from what I heard today from other women, they love your gowns too. It made my experience much, much better. Keep up the excellent workmanship and keep this product around. I LOVED IT!! Thank you!!”

Patient Karen, Crandall GA

“I used your pink Comfort Care gown and it made me feel pampered! It was so soft, and it made the visit seem like they cared. I have had many tests and mammograms there, and this was the most memorable. I think they really wanted the visit to be more pleasant.”

Patient Elaine S., Dalton GA

“I’m delighted to share my experience with your soft white Comfort Care robe. Rather than the typical rough and awkward paper drape most doctors use, this was a real robe! I believe this robe contributed to a more calming experience throughout the entire exam/procedure. I complimented the doctor on providing such a robe because I wanted her to know it didn’t go unnoticed. I see it as a thoughtful value-added touch for her patients. I think using your service indicates a genuine caring for her patients and speaks to the quality of her practice.”

Patient Candice O., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“I had a mammogram this week and my nerves were pretty high to get tests done. I was nervous as the nurse took me back to change, but when I got to the room, I was so pleasantly surprised to find your pink Comfort Care oh-so-soft gown. I felt like I was home and my nerves eased up just putting it on! I want to thank you for providing this ultra soft pink gown!!”

Patient Cheri C., Dalton, GA

"I was absolutely delighted wearing your Comfort Care gown when I went for my annual mammogram. The best gown I ever wore, it wrapped around my body like no other robe had before. I was amazed at the quality. I simply loved it, I felt protected and covered. I was completely comfortable in my environment. By providing this robe, I knew this practice wanted to take care of me. They cared about my experience. I was diagnosed with cancer. These visits are tough for me. But this gown makes me feel better; I am comfortable in the office when wearing it. This facility was truly supportive during my treatment visits and committed to my comfort."

Patient Rosa B., Miami, FL

"I wore your Comfort Care Plush robe on a recent visit to my medical practitioner. I noticed how white the gown was and that it was a quality item. It looked expensive and not like your average gown. Wearing it made me feel very comfortable and even I didn’t mind wearing it in front of others in the office. I felt very relaxed! I feel like this healthcare facility cares very much about their patients and wants them to feel comfortable to provide such a great robe. This robe looked and felt very expensive and I’m sure they could’ve used a cheaper brand, but I feel that they really wanted patients to feel their best! Thanks for the wonderful experience!"
Patient Nereida P., Oxford, CT

Advanced Pain Surgical Center

"If you're looking for quality, courtesy and that perfect look to your linen and scrubs, then look no further than ImageFIRST. After a few other companies, we finally made the switch to ImageFIRST, who came in with the best market pricing, quality of linen, cost analysis and inventory tracking that has made our surgery center and clinic look top notch. Let’s not forget to mention their great customer service; what more could you ask for?"

Christopher C., Advanced Pain Medical Group, West Hills, CA

Customer testimonial"I'm writing this letter in appreciation of the exceptional service that we have received from ImageFIRST. Not only can we expect efficiency and reliability, but ImageFIRST has routinely gone above and beyond our typical schedule to provide us with emergency linen delivery,or last-minute dirty linen removal. Specifically, we would like to recognize our driver as the face of ImageFIRST. With each interaction, he has proven himself courteous, timely and a pleasure to work with. "

Thomas H., Tower Sleep Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

Pikes Peak Endoscopy

"Pikes Peak Endoscopy and Briargate Endoscopy Centers have been utilizing ImageFIRST's services and would recommend them to any center. If you desire a company with strong customer service and a "customer is always right" attitude, ImageFIRST is it. We have made many special requests and we have always been satisfied with their flexibility and willingness to try new innovative ideas. Previously, with other linen companies, we were told, "We don't have the ability to do that," but we have never heard that from ImageFIRST. Patient care comes first in our centers and ImageFIRST helps us fulfill our patients’ needs."

Tricia T., Gastroenterology Associates of Colorado Springs, L.L.P

"For the last five years, ImageFIRST has surpassed all of our expectationsOakwood Cancer Center by providing us with reliable quality service. Our service representative takes pride in his work and treats Oakwood as if it was his own. He adjusts inventory supplies based on our usages, and has saved us money by recommending fewer products. It seems inflation is the nature of most business practices in today's economy, but I can honestly say that ImageFIRST will go above and beyond to ensure their prices stay affordable and consistent. We are very content having them for our linen needs and I foresee we will use them long into the future."

Andrea A., Oakwood Cancer Center, Mechanicsburg, PA

"Outpatients absolutely rave about our new plush robes. Some have stated they actually feel pampered, and our returning patients immediately noticed our new style. Thanks for helping us get these in place so easily."

Sharon M., Eastside Medical Center, Snellville, GA

"ImageFIRST excels at customer service. They work hard to adjust our quantities to meet the demands of the facility. Our linens arrive on time, are clean and are carefully returned to our shelves. On the occasion we have a lot of patients in one week, we just make a phone call and someone from ImageFIRST will deliver linens that day."

Jennifer B., The Neuro Spine Center, Lancaster, PA

"ImageFIRST provides us with reliable service, and my patients love how each garment is individually wrapped."

Dr. Brian G., Premier Plastic Surgery Center of NJ, Morristown, NJ

"ImageFIRST makes customer service a priority and it shows. Their responsiveness, dedication and quality have created a partnership that we respect and rely on."

Brandi M., The Imaging at Good Shepherd, Allentown, PA

"We have been very pleased with the quality of goods, delivery and service to all of our offices. Our inventory is always sufficient due to frequent inventory count. There have been times when emergency calls have been made to replenish items and the service has been prompt and efficient. Our service representative is friendly, professional and will go the extra mile to make sure our service is handled properly."

Jane T., Coordinated Health, Bethlehem, PA

"Our previous vendor did not supply the quality linens we were looking for. Patients have responded positively to ImageFIRST's gowns and to our own improved professional appearance. And Roy, our delivery man, is always on top of what our needs are in our facility."

Diane S., NJ Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Center, West Orange, NJ

"When starting our surgery center, medical linens were one area I didn't have to worry about at all. ImageFIRST took this particular component of opening a new practice "off my plate"! I think the patients appreciate the standard of care shown with the individually wrapped gowns, too!"

Brenda I., Urological Surgical Partners, GA

"We changed services to ImageFIRST and it made a substantial difference in our service. We found the service to be much higher quality and their organization to be extremely responsive to our needs!"

Richard B., Greensboro Heart and Sleep Center, Greensboro, NC

"Portsmouth Ambulatory Surgery Center has been doing business with ImageFIRST since September 2004. Our deliveries are consistently on time and any special requests we have are always taken care of. Also, all members of your staff I have interacted with are courteous and friendly. Your company's services would be an asset to any company."

Stephanie M., Portsmouth Regional Ambulatory Center, Portsmouth, NH

"ImageFIRST has definitely been a great addition to 360 Physical Therapy. Consistency of product delivery and quality has been a hallmark of their service. It is really a blessing to have this type of reliability and professionalism. All these qualities have given me much appreciation and confidence to recommend ImageFIRST to anyone needing healthcare laundry services. 360 Physical Therapy loves ImageFIRST."

Dwight "Ike" A., M.S.P.T., 360 Physical Therapy, Vancouver, WA