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You’re busy and want to give your patients the best care, not handle linen inventory, decipher bills or reconcile invoices.

ImageFIRST’s fully-managed programs provide comprehensive cost management starting with an inventory level based on your needs, but flexible enough to handle patient volume fluctuation. 

ImageFIRST’s Cost Management Equation

  • Inventory Based on Your Needs – you set your linen inventory level based on your patient volume, so you have enough linen to handle patient variations without running out or wasting money on too much extra. You can always make adjustments as your needs changes.
  • Inventory Management – we get your linen inventory level back to your needed amount every regularly scheduled visit. We continuously analyze your case load to optimize your inventory level, and conduct Quarterly Needs Assessments to ensure you will always have what you need.
    Scrubs Are Critical – That’s why we customize scrubs, jackets and lab coats for your facility due to size, style, color or personalization. Therefore, unlike linen, they are managed individually with barcodes or RFID technology to maintain enough overall inventory to meet your needs.
  • Flat Rate Billing – you get billed based on what you say you need in inventory, not some complex usage formula. Some providers use a complicated inventory process, delayed exchange or confusing billing that can only be figured out if you are a rocket scientist!
  • Transparent Billing – with ImageFIRST, it’s easy to know what you’re paying for: your bill reflects what linen you have on site. It’s that simple.
  • Fair Pricing – we ensure the price you pay is fair and reasonable. You never have to worry about unexpected changes in pricing.

The process is simple:

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Step 1: You select your linen inventory level based on your patient volume. Step 2: We pick up dirty linen and replace it with clean linen regularly, returning your inventory level back to what you need. Step 3: We proactively work with you to tweak your inventory based on your needs. You can always adjust your inventory level as your needs change.

Don’t be fooled by other providers’ complex and confusing billing practices. Always look at your total linen cost; a lower unit price does not necessarily mean lower total cost! Upfront, honest and transparent billing will always keep your total cost in-line.

There is no better value than the ImageFIRST linen program for managing your total linen cost per patient so you can focus on what’s important: caring for your patients.

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