Can a patient gown really increase patient perception?

Ours will. We guarantee it.



Introducing the Comfort Care® Patient Apparel Line

For you and your staff, caring for others isn’t a job, it’s a passion. That dedication drives you to do more – like constantly looking for ways to improve your services. That’s why for your patients, "good enough" is just not good enough.

We innovated our original and exclusive Comfort Care line of patient apparel with exactly that reason in mind - including our latest addition; a maternity gown. These full-coverage gowns feature exceptionally cozy fabric that is so soft you have to touch it to believe it, and modern satin trim, delighting patients nationwide. We’re so certain your patients will love it, we’re ready to make you our Plush Promise:

We promise that switching to our Comfort Care product will improve your patients’ perception of your facility by at least 50% compared to your previous medical gowns. If it doesn’t, we will give you one free month of service!

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But don't just take our word for it: in a survey of over 1,000 patients nationwide, when asked: "Did the robe/gown give you a favorable impression of the Health System?", there was a 500% increase in patients reporting a favorable impression compared from before to after the switch. 


Contact us to see for yourself and experience the coziness of the Comfort Care patient gowns!

“I had a mammogram this week and I was nervous as the nurse took me back to change. But when I got to the room, I was so pleasantly surprised to find your pink oh-so-soft Comfort Care gown. I felt like I was home and my nerves eased up just putting it on! Thank you for providing this ultra soft gown!" Cheri C., Dalton, GA


ImageFIRST is Your Healthcare Linen Rental and Laundry Partner

We only service the medical industry, which gives us a unique understanding of your number one goal: quality patient care.

  • Your staff is busy, so our fully-managed rental and laundry linen programs free them up from inventory management.
  • Your patients’ experience is paramount, that’s why we offer a specialized product line designed just for them.
  • We understand the importance of infection prevention, because we don’t service other industries. Our laundering meets or exceeds OSHA, CDC, and HLAC standards, and complies with The Joint Commission requirements.
  • We provide cost management through linen inventory control.

Our worry-free, fully-managed programs are designed with patients at the center:

  • Comfort Care® line of patient gowns and plush robe, featuring a unique poly/nylon blend
  • Quality bed and bath linen
  • A premium line of bed and bath linen:
    • 60% Pima cotton/40% polyester sheets for silky softness and wrinkle resistance
    • Plush fleece blankets
    • Luxurious towels: bath, hand, and washcloth
  • Full-coverage robes and gowns for every patient and procedure

We pair these with our remarkable quality assurance, so you always get linen in pristine condition. We hand-inspect all linen to check for imperfection – rips, stains or missing ties – and subject bed and bath linen to our “Bright White” standard. What doesn’t make the cut is automatically replaced at no additional cost to you. Add a comprehensive scrub program with storage solution for a happy staff! Contact us today to find out more.