Patient Experience Solutions

This new era of consumer-centric healthcare is defined by the increasing importance of not only providing excellent care, but also delivering a superior patient experience.

Every part of a patient’s experience with your facility frames their perception, including lesser-known influencers like patient gowns. In fact, these minor details can have a major impact.

Experience the Coziness of Comfort Care

The Comfort Care® line of patient gowns and robes, designed exclusively by ImageFIRST, brings the patient experience to a whole new level. The unique fabric is unlike any your patients have ever experienced, offering a warm, cozy, comforting and unbelievably soft gown that’s sure to leave a positive impression. In fact, we are so certain that your patients’ will love the Comfort Care line, we’re ready to make you our Plush Promise!

The Plush Promise
Switching to our Comfort Care line of gowns will improve your patients’ perception of your facility by at least 50% compared to your previous medical gowns. If it doesn’t, we will give you one free month of service!

Comfort Care Line of Patient Gowns

Styles: IV gown with telemetry pocket • Sage mammo gown • Scoop neck gown • White robe • Reversible gown • Robe-style pink gown

Enhancing Comfort. Improving Care.


Perception Improves With Our Exclusive Comfort Care Line

We were so convinced our Comfort Care line would drive patient satisfaction that we asked medical facilities using them to conduct "before and after" comparison surveys of their patients. The surveys compared other, regular gowns against our Comfort Care gowns. The results demonstrated that Comfort Care overwhelmingly increases the favorable impression of the facility. Download the white paper to find out more.

Start improving your patients' perception of your facility today:

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